MARQUETTE — You’re walking through the park, it’s quiet and no one else around and you have time to wonder, who lives here? The residences of Park Cemetery have some interesting stories to tell so pay attention this Halloween.

The most prominent family names of Marquette County lie in the beautiful park cemetery. These members also appear to have stories to tell the living as many of them have made appearances outside of their graves.

The reason for their wandering remains unknown, but what is known is that their stories remain interesting to many of the living.

“Well, I did a lot of my research at the Marquette Regional History Center. You know if there’s anyone here in the cemetery that you want to find our more on you can go to the research center and they often have biographical cards, obituaries of people. I spent a lot of time there looking up information. It can vary from case to case, how they died; there are a lot of stories,” said Tyler Tichelaar, author of ‘Haunted Marquette: Ghost Stories from the Queen City.’

So, what are these stories? It varies from death by broken heart to an orphan’s brutal death.Some of the inhabitants’ stories remain mysteries among the living.

What we know of mysteries is that they are just waiting to be solved.