MARQUETTE —  The average American drinks over three cups of coffee every day. Today, they can turn their lack of energy into a donation. It’s that simple in helping a good cause.

Biggby Coffee is donating one dollar from each drink purchased today to the Red Cross’s hurricane relief fund. By purchasing a specialty beverage of any size, you can be a part of the cause.

“Biggby as an entire corporation has actually decided to do it, to play their part, and help out for those—help rebuild the lives that were kind of lost during the Hurricane Harvey,” said Biggby shift leader Courtney LaFreniere.

Over one hundred Biggby locations have decided to lend a hand, including the stores in Houghton and Marquette.

“It is awesome, I mean especially living in such a small community that we do and to make such a big difference, it just shows, I mean, right now, this nation really needs God with all this stuff that’s going on, it’s amazing to see these people kind of step up,” said LaFreniere.

The Michigan-based company is one of many nationwide to help rescind the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.