Michigan’s family funnyman visits library

HOUGHTON — A Michigan Tech alumni returned to Houghton today to perform a magical comedy show at the Portage Lake District Library.

Michigan’s Family Funnyman Joel Tacey performed his Book Builder Magical Comedy show, where he brings seven children’s book to life in a variety of ways. Attendees had cups blown off of their heads, played with lasers and even time–traveled while Tacey told jokes and performed magic tricks for the families.

“It’s all about families. I’ve got a family myself and I love when moms and dads and kids can all go somewhere, all enjoy every aspect of what’s going on,” said Tacey. “I’m super excited to be back here in Houghton. I went to Michigan Tech when I was younger and this is a way better way to make a living than being an actual engineer.”

Tacey said he stages his show like a movie, with highs and lows, and, of course, lots of laughter and audience participation. The program was put on by the library and was free for everyone who attended.