MARQUETTE– The Dead River Derby continued its 2017 season on Saturday at Lakeview Arena, as the Superior Sirens took on the Keweenaw Roller Girls.

Competitors rolled on out to the day’s bout, not only to compete, but to work together to show support for a local organization. A part of the proceeds of the day’s events went to the U.P Children’s Museum, to support the hard work that the organization puts forth in the community.

“Roller Derby just takes it to a whole new level with being a part of the community, and I really love that each and every bout we do, we give to a charity,” said Glory Sparks, a Superior Sirens player. “We’ve got the UP Children’s Museum who’s going to benefit from a portion of the ticket sales tonight, and it’s really amazing to be able to help out other areas of the community that are so important to us.”

“I think we’re pretty supported by the community, I think sometimes the community doesn’t realize how much it takes to run our organization, said Cassie Freeborn, from the U.P Children’s Museum. ” We do a lot in the community, and we are always looking for as much community support as we can get.”

The players say that being able to play what they love and help out in any way they can is exciting. In case any fans were wondering, the Superior Sirens won 187 to 99.