Travel Marquette launches new tourism campaign

MARQUETTE — Travel Marquette recently announced a new campaign that allows locals to better explain the area they live in to tourists.

Our Voice: We Are Travel Marquette are monthly learning sessions put on by the agency that explore the distinct features of Marquette County. These classes consist of tours of local destinations and attractions as well as integrated classroom time to discuss things like hospitality, social media and being farm-friendly. This new initiative is unique in that it’s geared towards locals rather than visitors as a way to allow a more natural, conversational tone about the various places to see while in Marquette.

“What we found is that a lot of times people didn’t understand where they lived. They didn’t understand the benefits to Marquette,” said Travel Marquette Executive Director, Nicole Young. “They didn’t really know how to talk about Marquette, didn’t know where to send people and these are our front-line folks.”

Young said the program is aimed at giving those people a passionate and educated voice about the area. These sessions are free to the public and everyone is encouraged to come. The tours are four hours long and include a meal from a local restaurant. And the classroom sessions are about two hours long and come with a snack To take a look at the classes being offered, click here.