Contrast Coffee soon to be a triple threat

MARQUETTE– The local coffee shop is already stationed in Iron River and and Ironwood, come late summer enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the drinks in Marquette.

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or take your sugar with a dash of coffee, the caffeine scene is brewin’ this summer in Marquette. There’s bound to be a coffee shop just for you.

According to one owner they have been looking forward to getting on the map in Marquette.

“Marquette in our minds is craft, it is community, you’ve got two local breweries and so what we do with coffee just seems to fit the area really well and why we’re here,” Contrast Coffee Co-owner Adam Holroyd said. “We call third kind of the bridge of the community from the campus to the downtown area. It separates the east and west side brings it all together. Coffee is community we wanted to be apart of Marquette and to us that is Third St.”

The coffee shop is taking over the old Forsberg Flower location. Customers can expect to be warmed by drinks, natural lighting, and an atmosphere matching the Ironwood location seating around 40 people.

When I asked Adam what the favorite contrast coffee must have drink is, he didn’t name one. Rather described the process baristas take ensuring every drink is a customers favorite to them personally.

“So as far as a favorite drink or anything is concerned, we’re really allowing the customer to make their own in that sense,” Holroyd said. “Then just guide you through the process in what’s going to be the most enjoyable for you.

The shop also personalizes drinks outside of flavor. Baristas free-style pour designs onto lattes and truth be told there is a national competition for the skill.

For more information please visit Contrast Coffee.