U.P. Racing at its finest: The 24th Annual Outhouse Classic

TRENARY — One week after the sled dog teams invaded the Upper Peninsula for the UP 200, a completely different style of racing took place in Alger County.

The 24th Annual Outhouse Classic took place Saturday in Trenary. The outhouses are generally built out of wood or cardboard.

Each outhouse had to have an installed toilet seat, a roll of toilet paper and skis mounted to the bottom in order to participate in the races. Two people pushed each outhouse down Main Street in Trenary and the fastest times won the races.

“This is our first year, but we usually have other runners that run with us,” said Samantha Bell & Christine Kubiak of team ‘Yooper Poopers.’ “In our outhouse, we have some Pooper Tootsie Rolls, some poop Jello Shots, toilet paper and a toilet seat.”

There were six different categories of racing, ranging from a group just for kids, called ‘Squirts,’ to those 50 and older called, ‘Old Farts.’