Powell questions Cochran

CRYSTAL FALLS — The prosecuting attorney in the Kelly Cochran murder trial didn’t hold back when cross examining the defendant today.

Iron County Prosecutor Melissa Powell was able to question alleged murderer Kelly Cochran as Cochran continued her testimony. Throughout the cross examination, Powell constantly brought up the lies Cochran repeatedly admitted to telling during the investigation and challenged Cochran’s testimony from the past Friday.

“Homicidal feelings and the plan to kill Chris, that was all a lie, right?” Powell asked. “And the conversations that you had with your family between April 30th and May 16th when you talked to Chief Frizzo, those were all lies right?”

During Powell’s questioning, Cochran kept repeating the same reason for lying she used Friday– that she felt so guilty for the victim in Chris Regan’s death that she wanted to make herself look like a monster.

“At one point I was strong and independent but… but to me I considered myself a monster because here I am,” Cochran said. “I’m here and he’s not, if he would have never meet me he’d be here today.”

Powell also challenged Cochran’s testimony that she was a victim of her abusive husband’s rage.

She questioned the defendant’s unwillingness to get help during the ordeal and lack of emotion during the investigation.

Powell brought up that during a trip Cochran took with law enforcement to her house to show them evidence, Cochran did not seem distressed and instead was eating pizza and joking with officers.

Kelly Cochran’s murder trial continues Tuesday in Iron County Circuit Court.