130th Annual Suicide Ski Hill Jump Prep

ISHPEMING– Tuesday night at the Suicide Hill Ski Bowl many spectators will gather to watch U.S. and international skiers take the 140 foot jump, and to give a size comparison the Superior Dome is only three feet taller.

The 130th annual Suicide Ski Hill Jump is being hosted by the Ishpeming Ski Club. Over the years the club has had 13 inductees in the U.S. National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame, more than any other ski club. Thanks to the snowfall this past weekend, the hill is ready to go, meeting all the regulations.

“We have to have a manufactured track, so skiers can stay in the track, and jump the hill without any problems,” Chief of Hill Tom Sodergren said. “It’s important for the hill to be hard and smooth so if skiers fall they slide.”

The event starts at 6 P.M. which includes fireworks and bonfires. According to Sodergren more parking has been created East of the hill this year. For more details visit Ishpeming Ski Club website.