MTU President addresses immigration, travel ban by President Trump

HOUGHTON — Michigan Tech University president Dr. Glenn Mroz sent a letter to all university personnel Sunday night in regards to the Executive Order signed by President Trump, which bans certain people from entering the United States. The letter can be read below:

Student, Faculty and Staff Colleagues,

Most of you are aware that an Executive Order was signed by President Trump that prevents the granting of U.S. visas to citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan and Yemen for the next 90 days. A subsequent ruling by a Federal judge has blocked parts of that order. Cassy Tefft de Munoz, our director of International Programs and Services has communicated the current understanding of the Executive Order as it applies to students from those countries and has offered to meet with individuals concerned about their status. Up-to-date and accurate information as it relates to all of us on campus will be shared as it becomes available.

I can’t relieve the distress that many of you might be feeling as a result of this and other events of the recent past. But what I can say is that with your help, we can, and we will, as the Michigan Tech Community, advocate for respect, understanding and compassion in the way we treat each other regardless of our differences. We can and we will defend the Constitutional rights of all in the Michigan Tech community. And we can and we will treasure and protect the free and open exchange that is essential to scholarship, research and creativity. By remaining committed to these core values we can all help to ensure that Michigan Tech remains a community that is open to people from across our nation and around the world.



We thank you in advance for your patience as we all sort through the details of this situation