Local author publishes new book

HANCOCK — A new book by a Copper Country author is now available. ABC 10 spoke with the writer about the influences her hometown had on the story.

With over 200 inches of snowfall every year, the Copper Country provides the perfect setting for the aptly named Snow Country- A Copper Island Novel.

The new book from Hancock native Kristen Neva touches on many themes as it tells the romantic story of California-raised Beth and Danny, a local state police trooper.

“Snow Country” Author Kristen Neva said, “Themes of love and loss and faith and family and friends and so I think that it will resonate with people because we all go through different things and these characters, they have their own struggles, and there’s some humor and some perseverance-some sisu.”

Though the story is fiction, Neva’s own experience caring for her husband Todd, who has ALS, served as both a challenge and an inspiration for writing the book.

Neva said, “I had to learn perseverance through writing this book and to rewrite and to not give up and to just keep on learning. It’s all part of a process.”

“Snow Country-A Copper Island Novel” is available at local bookstores and online.

Neva’s next book, “Copper Country”, is already written and due out this summer.