Students recognized for hard work for helping build house

ISPEHMING– Some students were rewarded with a membership in a professional organization today for their hard work outside of the classroom as they helped build their community.

Several students at Westwood High School were recognized as Honorary Members of the U-P Home Builders Association at a ceremony this afternoon. These students worked to build a 15 hundred square foot 1-story ranch house in West Ishpeming.

They worked every day for 2 hours a day and will be a part of the groundbreaking and building the foundation as well as the exterior framing of the building.

“Students take away a bit of gratitude as far as they’re learning in the classroom about building trades and then they’re taking that knowledge and using it in a hands-on atmosphere,” said John Jessen, CTE Teacher for Westwood High School, “and at the end of the project they have, you know almost, a legacy were they can drive by the home and for years to come tell people that they were a part of this.”

The house these students started will be finished with the help of another group of students in the spring of 2018.
Jessen said the property will be sold after completion of the project.