MIOSHA Skanska Closner partner up for safety

MARQUETTE– As construction on a new hospital begins, two groups have partnered up hoping to make sure the job get done safely.

Today, Skanska Closner signed a formal partnership with the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as MIOSHA, with a goal of zero injuries, accidents or near-misses during the construction of the hospital. Representatives from both organizations say this partnership will use teamwork to help foster a culture of safety on the worksite every day.

“Zero Injuries on the job to us would be the ultimate goal, we hope that the jobs get to a safety point where we’re not talking about statistics, that everybody is thinking about safety,” said Laurence Hidalgo, Director of Construction Safety and Health Division for MIOSHA, “And everybody goes home that same way they came to the worksite that day.”

Gary Cooper, Senior Vice President of Operations at Skanska Closner said that “It’s a realistic goal, it’s a challenge; you have to have everybody on the team promoting that and construction’s tough because it’s just a lot of different workers coming from a lot of different backgrounds and if you don’t have consistency in your message every single day; people kind of fall back to the way that they used to do it.”

Construction on the hospital began in June of this year and is expected to be completed in October of 2018. So far they have had no injuries on site.