U.P. tow company answers 50 calls in two days because of blizzard

HOUGHTON — Itís cold, itís windy, itís snowy, itís a blizzard and they tell you not to go out in it. But even so, many people still hit the roads either because they have no choice or
simply choose to ignore the warnings.

And that means plenty of business for local towing companies, like Daveís BP Service Station in Hancock.

Daveís three tow trucks have answered over 50 service calls in the last couple of days.

Daveís BP Owner Dave Dow said, ďAt times, itís pretty trying because youíre trying to get vehicles that are in the ditch and get them out fast, but the trouble is, you can only be in so many places at so many times and so we take them all in the order that we get them.Ē

White out conditions, freezing temperatures and continual snowfall make driving treacherous.

But if you have to go out, be sure to turn on your lights and watch your speed.

Dow said, ďYou canít see. Visibility is pretty bad at times and you just got to take your time and make sure you got your lights on your vehicles and people just got to
slow down.Ē

Dave tells me if you donít have any cash on hand, they will take a credit card number or call you in a couple of days to arrange payment. Itíll cost you about $80. I know. Daveís
Towing pulled yours truly out of a snow bank on Tuesday. But when youíre stranded, itís well worth it.