RICHMOND TOWNSHIP — In this week’s segment of Yooper Hero, I sat down with a very special woman who truly cares about her community.

Yooper Hero impacting local community

Jan St. Germain is a Mom of five, a Grandma of 3, and a big part of her community. When she became the Director of the Richmond Township Library, she decided to put her whole heart in the job.

She runs frequent community events at the library, teaches children how to read, and brought in gaming consoles to get kids of all ages involved.

“She has made the library a center of this community, she has managed to help the young kids to adults, she truly is a hero to everyone that walks in here,” said Brittany Yohe, daughter of Jan.
Children of all grade levels stop in on their way home from school to see Jan, whether it’s for help with homework or just to say hello.

Jan wants these children to be familiar with the library and know she’s there to help.

“The lady that was here before me, her name was Denise and she told me that you can make this as much or as little as you want and I always try to remember that because I try to make it as much for all the kids, all the people of the township that I can,” said Yooper Hero, Jan St. Germaine.

Jan helps out anyone in the community who needs it and thanks the Richmond Township board for their support for her exciting events. If you know an unsung hero in the U.P. who is doing something small that is making a huge difference, let us know!
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