ESCANABA — Halloween is behind us, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means Christmas is not that far behind.

The Salvation Army in Escanaba is already working to make the Yuletide bright for those in need in Delta County. The organization will be accepting Christmas Assistance Applications through the end of November. Those in need can stop by the office on Fifth Avenue South with a photo ID, proof of household income, and the last four digits of their Social Security number to sign up for a bit of holiday help. Those with custodial care will also need to provide proof of custodianship.

“A big part of that is to determine names and ages of children so that we can then begin to make presents and family gifts and those kind of things available,” said Major Ralph Hansen, Salvation Army Corps Officer for Escanaba. “Then toward the end of December, we will be then distributing baskets of food which is intended to provide at least Christmas dinner and then some extra things to get them through for a few days after Christmas.”

The Salvation Army is also looking for donations of children’s coats to go along with their Christmas gifts.

Volunteers are needed again this year to help out with their annual Bell Ringing effort, which begins November 14th.

“The bell ringing effort is approximately 60 percent of our annual budget, so this is our biggest fundraiser of the year,” added Hansen.

To talk with the Salvation Army about giving or receiving a helping hand, you can call the Salvation Army in Escanaba at (906) 786-0590.