Feed America Mobile Food Pantry stopping by local church

ISHPEMING– We’re just getting into the season of giving and to get into the spirit the feeding America food truck made another stop in the Upper Peninsula.

The Feeding America Mobile Food truck made a stop at the Cross Bridge Church in Ishpeming this morning.

Members of the community distributed enough food to feed around 300 people. Those who were in need of food were encouraged to stop by with a sturdy container and someone to carry the food at a time designated by the first letter of their last name.

“The significance of giving any time of year, it’s what Jesus Christ told us to do, because we receive so much,” said volunteer Frank Bailey, “it’s our obligation and should be our joy to give to others; especially those who that don’t have as much as we have.”

“This is a combined effort between a lot of people to make sure our local community is feed,” said volunteer Diane Gauthier, “it’s so important that people realize that there’s work to be done making sure people are feed through all of our months.”

The food distributed included fresh fruits and vegetables and the food is available to anyone how needs it.