GWINN — Six months ago, the Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center in Gwinn was awarded a million dollar grant from the United States Department of Health and Human Services to expand its current facility.

Six months later, officials with the clinic have come up with that plan. Those plans were revealed tonight at an open house.
Administrative Director Elise Bur says groundbreaking for the renovations will take place this spring.

If everything goes according to plan, the renovated clinic will debut in the fall of 2018. The facility will add four additional new exam rooms, an injection room and an x-ray room.

“We will look for additional funding to support providing x-ray equipment in the new facility once the construction is done. That will provide the patients in the area local services without having to travel to Marquette to receive those services,” said Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center Administrative Director, Elise Bur.

Bur says the clinic will stay open during the construction phase. Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center is located on M-35 in Gwinn, right across from Synder’s Pharmacy. The center is now accepting new patients.