KINGSFORD — A local elementary school is facing a large influx of kindergarteners this school year.

Woodland Elementary School in Kingsford has the highest enrollment of kindergarteners this year that they have had in the past 15 years. With the increase in enrollment, adjustments have been made to ensure that class sizes remain an appropriate size.

Although surprised by the increase in enrollment, the school was ready for the large numbers.

“We are equipped for it, we have the room for it, we added another exit to our parking lot which freed up traffic flow. We are looking at an option to even ease that more and one of the things we strive for is total quality in this district,” said Breitung Township School’s Superintendent, Craig Allen.

Additional teachers were made available and classes have been separated into several different pods. Each of these class sizes range between 18 and 23 students. Having such a great influx of students is something that the school is extremely proud of.

“The growth occurs for two reasons, I think parents choose schools for academics and success of their children and also for quality of teachers,” said Allen.

Allen is anticipating the enrollment to grow even more in the future with the various manufacturing jobs available in the area, drawing in more families.