Community rallies for boy to purchase him a specialized bike

ISHPEMING — For many young children getting a bike is a typical part of growing up, but for one child it is especially important.

Alger Barry an 11-year old Ishpeming boy, was born two months early weighing only two pounds. He was also born with a very rare syndrome, arthrogryposis. This syndrome affects only one in every 3,000 births.

“It’s sometimes nicknamed crooked joints, so Alger needs assistance with walking either with crutches or a walker or wheelchair, and with him he needs exercise everyday” said Alger’s Mother, Patty Barry. Despite the hardships that Alger has faced, there is one thing that makes him feel happy and free.

Every summer Alger attends the Bay Cliff Health Camp, a camp committed to helping individuals with physical disabilities.

At this camp, Alger gets to use a special bike that allows him to feel just like any other kid. “Well what this bike does is, Alger of course with the arthrogryposis he has trouble balancing so he’s not able to a ride a regular two wheel bike or a basic tricycle, he needs a bike that is specially equipped with a seat belt and foot straps for his feet,” Barry continued.

That’s why Alger’s family decided to create a Go Fund me page to raise money for one of those bikes, which come at a cost of $2,500. “He just started riding the bike two years ago and it’s just freedom for him, I mean he is able to live life like a normal child. Everyday he has issue walking and everyday situations that we take for granted basically. He needs help with everything, so what this does is just give him independence and freedom so he doesn’t have to rely on us to help him,” said Barry.

In just a matter of a couple of days, the page has already raised over three thousand dollars. In defiance of the challenges Alger has faced, he is still an average 11-year old boy who loves wrestling his older brother and has high hopes of being a future weatherman. “And for ABC TEN News this is Alger” said Alger Barry.

An additional fundraiser was held throughout Thursday with a lemonade stand in Ishpeming. If you would like to donate to Alger, click here.