Local credit union donates big to Honor Flight

NEGAUNEE — A local credit union made a big financial contribution today, all in the name of helping and honoring Veterans.

Honor Credit Union presented a $6,200 check to the Upper Peninsula Honor Flight. The money will be used to fly veterans to military memorials in Washington D.C.

“Bringing veterans over to Washington D.C. to see the memorial, it’s a one day flight. It’s just great that not only our credit union members but also our community were able to assist that.”

Although the flight is for a one–day trip, it gives veterans the chance to relate to one another and see memorials they may have never seen before.

“They go with the expectations that it’s just going to be a trip to see some cement and bronze, they have no idea how it’s going to affect them. Then they start talking to each other, it’s therapeutic for them to go on an honor flight.”

Honor Flight has two flights each year, one in September and the other in May.