Shelter dog given a second Chance

NEGAUNEE — A local animal shelter was recently brought a dog who was in pretty rough shape, until a community came together to give him a second chance.

UPAWS in Negaunee is a no kill shelter that often sees and treats the animals brought in. When a five–year old pit bull named Chance was brought to the shelter, it was difficult to financially cover his medical treatment. Chance had two torn ACL’s on his hind legs, causing him to barely be able to walk, along with some anxiety related issues.

“Chance came to use because he was in a home and had some separation anxiety and with that family’s lifestyle it was really difficult for them to be home and spend that time with them, so they thought maybe giving him a fresh chance with another home would be better” said UPAWS, Kim Randolph.

Although the separation anxiety quickly improved after entering the shelter, his ACL’s still needed medical attention. Employees of UPAWS decided to turn to social media and the community to help out the hound.

“Chance needed double surgery for ACL and so we needed to raise $1,700.00 and our hope for healing fund is constantly strapped because of the number of animals that come in that need vet care so we really needed to reach out to the community to help us” said UPAWS, Anne Brownell.

After only one week of raising money on social media, the goal amount for the surgery was far exceeded. Chance had his first surgery last Monday and will get his stitches out by the end of this week, his second surgery is soon to follow. UPAWS also wanted to thank the community for all their help with raising money for the surgeries and wanted to remind everyone that Chance is still up for adoption.