Volunteers come together to create welcoming habitat for migrants wildlife

MARQUETTE — Volunteers came together Thursday to make some room for migrating animals.

“What we are doing is migratory bird and migratory monarch habituate restoration,” said Emily Goodman.

Goodman is a member of the Great Lakes Conservation Core. What she’s working on is part of a two–year grant that’s trying to bring back 19 acres of habitat.

“And today we have a volunteer workday, we have a handful of people helping us out.” The focus of the day was to remove invasive plants harming the environment.

Removing these plants is a good way to ensure that native plants will flourish and provide food for migrating birds and monarch butterflies.

Abbie Debiak is a member of the Superior Watershed Partnership. She says that removing invasive species will help bring more birds in. “And this is a great opportunity to get more of those species,” Debiak said.

Community projects like this one can be a great way to get rid of invasive species and gives a chance for volunteers to help out.

Debiak said she think the community gets a lot of these events and that it helps to get the word out on how to help fight invasive species.

The Superior Watershed Partnership is still looking for volunteers, if you’re interested in helping out, feel free to contact them.