Local town prepares for popular bike races

ISHPEMING — One of the Upper Peninsula’s most popular bike races is just over a week away from returning.

The Red Earth Classic makes its return to Ishpeming and Negaunee a week from Saturday. There are several different race lengths that bike riders can choose from, ranging from twelve to thirty–two miles. Race officials have altered the courses in recent years to give riders more single–track racing.

“The people that come out and race are sort of like the fans. If they don’t come than there is no race,” said Justin Koski, who’s involved with the Red Earth Classic. “We originally set out to do this race as a way to promote the area as a mountain biking destination, one of the top ones in the United States. We’re doing our little part in running this race to try and achieve that.”

All of the races start at Jackson Mine Park in Negaunee. You can register for the race on Friday, July 15th from five until nine p.m. at the park. The first race, known as the 32 Mile BEAST, begins July 16th at nine a.m. This will be the fourth year for the bike races.