Vietnam Memorial Wall heading to Marquette

ISHPEMING — Marquette County will honor veterans everywhere next week, when the AVTT Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall comes to town.

The Memorial Wall will enter the City of Marquette with an escort by motorcyclists through Ishpeming and Negaunee. The wall is an eighty percent replica of the memorial in Washington D.C. and will be setup behind the Superior Dome on Northern Michigan University’s campus. The placing of the wall is the start of a four day long series of exciting events.

“So, we’re really looking for Marquette to turn out on Third Street on Saturday morning at 9:30 on the 25th to cheer on those veterans that didn’t get that welcome home, and it’s really important for us to get as many people down on Third Street to welcome home those guys that didn’t get that welcome back” said Veterans event planner, Will Weycker.

There will be various tents set up around the wall, such as an organization tent that gives individuals the opportunity to ask questions and join Veteran related groups. The Wall will be in Marquette for the first time since 1992. This event was designed to provide UP Veterans and families the opportunity to visit the memorial, participate in the daily programs, and provide closure to those affected by the war.