Pulling over for emergency vehicles

NEGAUNEE — When an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance or police car pulls up behind you on the road, it is important to remember some safety tips.

Although pulling over to the right side of the road is commonly known amongst drivers, there may be situations where it is nearly impossible to pull over. When a driver is in the left lane and another one is directly to the right causing you not to be able to pull over, coming to a slow stop will allow the emergency vehicle to safely drive around you. There are also several other tips to keep in mind when on the road.

“Pay attention as far as what is going on around you, listening for the siren and trying to respond. Said by MSP Trooper Stacy Rasanen, “seeing the lights we have on and making sure you’re paying attention to what’s going on, not just in front of you but looking in your mirrors and be seeing what could be coming up from behind.”

Despite law enforcement officials hurrying to the emergency, they’re always looking to keep other drivers safe when heading to the scene. Getting over to the right can also be applied when driving along U-S 41. It is state law that the left lane is used only for passing and drivers should not stay in that lane for the entirety of their trip.

“If you are on 41, you want to get over to the right and make sure that other people can get around you so that if someone does want to pass you, they can do it.”

It is important for drivers to always be alert and aware of the other vehicles on the road.