Accident prevention at Brickyard Road intersection

MARQUETTE — The Brickyard Road intersection in Marquette Township has been the scene of several different car accidents, including one yesterday evening.

The intersections location is on the corner of U-S 41 and Brickyard Road just outside of Best Buy. Despite the previous accidents, there are various things that can be done by drivers as precautions when driving through the area.

“Always slow down for the yellow light, don’t try to run the yellow light or call it pink or whatever you want, you need to slow down.” Said Marquette County Undersheriff Michael Klein, “secondly, stay off your cell phone don’t text on your cell phone as they say, don’t play on your cell phone, don’t use music, talk to people whatever. Please put your cell phone down and just concentrate on driving. And thirdly, just be aware of your surroundings and where you’re at.”

The intersection which recently had a light built in, is a busy area for Marquette residents. With several different stores such as Lowe’s and T.J. Maxx being located directly across from the Best Buy. Other than following traffic laws and paying attention to the area around you, it is also important to ensure you are rested before hitting the road. Paying attention to your body’s needs, such as getting sleep and eating when hungry will help maintain an alert driver.