Maintaining a safe ride for motorcyclists

MARQUETTE — There are some useful precautions that can be followed in order to maintain a safe ride while on a motorcycle.

With various motorcycle accidents happening in the area the past couples day, I decided to stop by our local Harley Davidson in Marquette to hear about some safety measures that can be taken by both the driver and the motorcyclists. Accidents such as these can potentially be reduced through the use of proper clothing and equipment while riding.

“We recommend wearing full gear at all times, I know there’s a heat issue sometimes in hot summer days but there’s really good vented gear that is out there.” Said Harley Davidson General Manager Jesse Zambon, “stuff zips down, you know different layered gears, way better breathe ability, even the leathers now a days have a lot of breathe ability.”

Zambon stressed the importance of motorcyclists and vehicle drivers having mutual respect for one another and paying attention to each other while on the road. Other than being aware of your surroundings and wearing the proper gear, it is also important for riders who are traveling in groups to remain staggered between one another to avoid any accidents from sudden breaking.

Training is also key to understanding safety measures while riding, that’s why a special offer will be available to those who keep us safe. The Harley Davidson in Marquette has its first responders appreciation event held Wednesday, June 8th at 6 p.m. At this event military personnel, law enforcement, fire fighters, and EMS personnel are invited to come hear about the free training that is offered to them.