NEGAUNEE — One local bank has a program to raise school spirit and money for public schools.

Range Bank, which opened its door more than 100 years ago, has started a new debit account that donates 5 cents of every purchase to Negaunee Public Schools. At the end of every quarter, the donations are added up and contributed to the schools.

“School Spirit is a special type of checking account that rewards the customer with cash back, and also makes a donation to Negaunee Public Schools every time the customer is using their Negaunee School Spirit debit account,” said by Range Bank Branch Manager/Loan Officer, Kristin Knapp.

The donations are used towards different departments, such as athletics, arts, and even curricular needs in the classroom. Requests are sent out to the teachers in the schools asking what improvements are needed and are then prioritized based on importance.

“We’ve received one check so far because we started the program probably in early maybe January of this year and that was in the amount of $500.” Said Superintendent of Negaunee Public Schools, Dan Skewis, “we’re expecting it to grow now that the word is out and they’re going to be involved with our fall activities, whether it be football games or orientation, or different things like that.”

The first donation was received in May and Negaunee Public Schools are hopeful that the program will continue to grow in the future.