MARQUETTE — Even after passing away, a former United States Army Nurse will continue to service others for years to come.
This is no small service, rather a donation of over $1 million.

Through her life insurance policy, Colonel Bernadette L. Reider left three endowment funds to the Community Foundation of Marquette County that will last indefinitely.

It is described that Reider’s legacy was more than what you could put on a piece of paper.

“She was in the Vietnam war,” said Community Foundation of Marquette County CEO Gail Anthony, “she was in World War II and Korea. She took care of service men, she helped people all of her life. Still in her death her legacy is still helping people. ”

Her choice of benefactors represent those she was dedicated to helping. UPAWS received $390,000 and St. Christopher church received $190,000 for their endowed CFMC funds.

A final endowment of $560,000 provides scholarships to graduating high school seniors who plan to pursue a nursing degree.

“It just shows a commitment to the community,” said Board of Trustees Chairman Jack Lenten, “and a thankfulness of growing up in the UP and wanting to give something back. I’m hoping more people will see that as an example and do the same thing.”

Rachael Loman of Ishpeming, Cheyanne Elizabeth Njust, of Gwinn, and Nicole Marie Usher, also of Gwinn were this years recipients of the Bernadette Reider Scholarship for 2016.

Reider is a woman that gave everything she had to help others even later in her life. “Bernadette loved to come in our office and help,” added Anthony, “She came in at one point and she had oxygen and she still came in to help us stuff envelopes for the mailing that we were doing.”

Now even after death, her dedication to serving others will endure for generations to come.