NEGAUNEE — They practice at Negaunee High School. They don’t play music. They don’t use instruments. And some of them can’t read musical notes.

But when they sing in unison, all of that goes out the window.

“It’s kinda like a variety show. We start off with a lot of serious music. We then go to this year’s theme; Wish Upon a Star. So we have some Disney type songs,” said Penhale.

Gary Penhale is the Vice President of the Negaunee Male Chorus. Here, they’re practicing for their spring concert. Some as young as 19, others pushing 80. Penhale is right in the middle.

“My story is my father started singing before I was born. I did not join when he was in. I really don’t know why.”

But when his father passed away, Penhale jumped on board.

“I decided as a tribute to come sing with him, or for him more than anything,” said Penhale.

And from listening to his team of voices, you wouldn’t know the notes are in his head.

“The notes are in my my head. I don’t know if it’s a curse or not,” said Penhale. “It’s a great stress reliever because when you’re singing, you’re not thinking about anything else and it kinda makes all the woes in the world go away.”