MARQUETTE — In honor of National Brain Tumor Awareness month, one local pizzeria is doing their part to help end brain cancer.

Aubree’s Pizzeria and Grill partnered with the University of Michigan and Arbor Brewing Company to raise money for the cause.

Each of the eleven locations is raising money to donate to a memorial fund, which supports a new research project with the goal of finding new treatments for brain cancer. The memorial fund is in the name of co-founder Bill French, who lost his battle to brain cancer a year ago next week.

“This was one way we could give back which was definitely a cornerstone to what my father believed in and what he set this company up around,” said director of pizza operations Bryan French said. “We really didn’t start this, this was done by people that cared about my father, cared about this company and cared about what he’s given to so many people. It’s nice to have people recognize that.”

Arbor Brewing Company brewed a limited edition beer called The Cross Street IPA for the event and each time the beer is bought, one dollar will be donated to the fund. Every Monday and Tuesday customers get another chance to help the cause by buying a pizza which also gives a dollar to U of M’s research.

All locations are participating in the event, and though they don’t have a goal set, they believe they will be successful in donating a large sum to research.