‘Outrageous request’ essay comes to fruition

GWINN — English students in Gwinn recently completed an assignment where they write an outrageous request essay to various companies.

The 8th grade students in Gwinn gathered for what they thought was just a meeting about their upcoming class field trip. But instead they heard about the response Zaida Pearson received from her ‘outrageous request’ essay.

“I wrote to GK Elite which is a leotard company in hopes of having my designs become something on their website to be sold,” said Gwinn 8th Grade Student Zaida Pearson.

Due to legal complications they were unable to fulfill the request. But GK Elite enjoyed her designs so much that they sent her a custom made leotard using her design. In their letter to Pearson, GK Elite said this is not something they normally do, but because of her excellent artwork and writing they were left inspired.

“She’s a wonderful artist and a wonderful writer,” said Gwinn English Teacher Amy Waldo, “and she was able to take those talents and really reach out. The person who received her letter was really blown away by her talent. I’m really hoping that this provides Zaida with a spark to continue to pursue her dreams as a gymnast, artist, and writer. Zaida’s was really capturing the spirit of creativity and hard–work. It really speaks a lot about her character and her future.”

Zaida’s gym said they were going to make the leotards available for members to order. They were also contemplating using the leotard as a fundraiser for the competitive gymnastic teams.