McDonald’s breakfast menu now available all day

ISHPEMING — McDonald’s is breaking with tradition and serving up breakfast all day long, starting today.

From hotcakes to sausage McMuffins, your favorite McDonald’s breakfast item can be eaten all day long, even at midnight if that is what you prefer. The news has customers loving it.
“Breakfast is a great option all day and my favorite is a sausage biscuit,” said breakfast lover, Judy Hodges.

“Oh, I always like the pancakes, they are always good. Orange juice, then I also have the oatmeal with the fruit in it. That is always tasty,” said hotcakes lover, Nicholas Francisco. The restaurant manager says along with customers and himself, he even had family members McHappy with the news.

“My little sister called me and was like, oh my god, is this true? she is really excited about it,” said McDonald’s store manager Paul Alto.

The change was implemented after the golden arches received more than 120,000 requests from customers. There will be some items not on the all day breakfast menu but a majority of the items will be.

“The sausage McMuffin, the egg McMuffin will be available. The the egg-white delight will not be available as well as any of our bagels and griddlecakes. But we have our hot cakes, hotcakes and sausage, parfaits, breakfast burritos and oatmeal,” continued Alto.

So as long as the lights are on, feel free to order your favorite.

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