Do you have a Home Escape Plan?

MARQUETTE — As part of Fire Prevention Week, firefighters are reminding everyone to ‘Hear the Beep Before You Sleep’.

In addition to checking your smoke detectors once a month, Marquette City Fire Department Lieutenant Jeff Green says that every family should have a home escape plan.

“The way a home escape plan works is that you need two ways out of every room in your home, especially sleeping quarters,” said Lt. Green. “Knowing to stay low, crawl under smoke, feel doors to make sure they’re not hot before you open them. Have a meeting place outside so there’s an accountability. When we roll up to a structure in the middle of the night and there’s a fire, life safety is paramount.”

“We need to know that everyone is out. The reason why we do all of this is that you’re twice as likely to survive a house fire if you have a working smoke detector; three times more likely if you have a home escape plan and you practice it,” Lt. Green added.

For more information about creating a home escape plan click HERE.

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