Shocking day in court as Zintman trial continues

MARQUETTE — On trial for murder and arson, it was day two of the Zintman trial.

It was a shocking day of testimony in day 2 of the murder and arson trial of 45 year old Steven Zintman as emergency personnel testified. “I asked him if he lit the fire intentionally in his bedroom and he said that I gave myself a birthday present by killing my girlfriend,” said Christopher MacMaster, Michigan State Police.

Zintman is on trial for setting a house fire that killed his girlfriend Sally Plume. As fire and police officials reviewed crime scene photos, checked their notes, to give accurate testimony, they say Zintman showed little concern for the welfare of Plume.

“He said he didn’t have time to see if she was breathing, he grabbed his cat and went downstairs,” continued MacMaster.

“You said it took a little while for him to tell you she was upstairs did he seem concerned, no, there wasn’t a lot of concern,” said Firefighter Steve Tighe.

Officials testified to the various stories Zintman gave as to why the fire started but according to testimony he was allegedly intoxicated at the time.

MacMaster adds, “He told me that while he was looking with his lighter for cigarettes, he accidentally lit some white lace material that was on top of his bed, he said it went poof.”

Zintman never refused a police interview and has spent several weeks in a hospital for physiological care. The trial Wednesday, in Marquette Circuit Court.

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