MARQUETTE — Even though most people don’t need any incentive, there’s extra reason to drink a cup of coffee today.

Today is National Coffee Day, a holiday that most people don’t need to have their arm twisted in order to get festive. Whether you’re enjoying it with friends, getting a caffeine kick, or just looking for a comfort beverage, there are several reasons to celebrate National Coffee Day.

“I love coffee,” said Owner and Chief Roaster of Dead River Coffee Theo McCracken, “I started in the coffee business in 1978 and realized this is the best job ever.”

McCracken added that one of the best parts of being a chief roaster, is that it allows you to try new flavors and ways to make your coffee better.

“I think of coffee much like painters think of colors, blending coffees, creating nuances of flavor is part of the process of developing quality.”

If you’re looking for something to go with your newspaper, cribbage game and coffee, Dead River Coffee also offers home-made pies and other sweet treats.

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