MARQUETTE — If it’s love at first sight, you could adopt right on site.

UPAWS will hold a free adoption day Thursday afternoon thanks to Century21 and Eagle Mine. The event will run from noon to five at the Century–21 parking lot on US–41 in Marquette. Those who are interested in adopting have the opportunity to come meet some local pets and adopt right on the spot. Pets from Petsmart in Marquette and in foster care are included in this event, but you must stop by the event to receive a voucher for the free adoption.

If dogs and cats aren’t your thing, they have a variety of animals to offer.

UPAWS Community Outreach Coordinator Ann Brownell says, “We have a lot of small animals that are available right now for adoption. So if you are a parakeet lovers, or a guinea pig, or bunny rabbit, or even pet rats – they make wonderful pets – we have a lot of small critters for adoption right now, so come and check us out.”

New pet parents will get the same perks with their adoption that normally come with the fee – including spay or neuter, vaccines, rabies immunization, microchip and a general health check.

For more information about UPAWS and the event click here.

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