LANSING —  A group of state representatives are set to introduce a set of bi-partisan bills designed to help alleviate the costs of rising energy rates.

State representatives Scott Dianda and Ed McBroom are both involved with the Energy Freedom Bills. The legislation would allow Michiganders more access to many types of renewable energy sources such as biomass, hydro, wind, methane, and others.

People would be able to purchase and invest in these various forms of renewable energy, providing consumers with more choices and freedom when it comes to their energy needs.

“We’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to explore renewables at the small scale end of the spectrum,” said McBroom. “We should be combing the depths of opportunities that come with the small scale generation at the local level. Right here in my district, some farmers have put in solar panels; they’re really excited about that. They’re some of the first ones in the U.P. on a farm to do so.”

“A lot of people up here want to do be able to have renewables, who want to be able to approach it as a long–term investment,” said Dianda. “I think that the state should not want to stop people from making very good decisions for the future.”

Another part of the proposed legislation would ensure that producers of renewable energy receive fair and competitive prices for their product.

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