MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — It’s been a little over two months since the Michigan Department of Transportation put in the new traffic signal on a major corridor in Marquette Township.

Higher traffic volumes inspired by commercial developments sparked the installation of the new signal at the intersection of US–41 and Brickyard Road back in June. So far, officials say the goal of providing a safe avenue for shoppers in the area has been achieved.

“It’s been well received by the public, by local officials. Law enforcement and such have all let us know that it’s working very well,” said MDOT Ishpeming Transportation Service Center Manager Aaron Johnson. “No news is good news. It’s doing its job.”

MDOT keeps a constant watch on traffic flow with help from area officials to make sure everything is timing out well. They hope drivers in the area will continue to utilize the intersection.

“What we’re hoping more and more people will do is remember that it’s there,” Johnson added, “so if you’re shopping, say at Lowe’s or Gordon Foods or the shops of Marquette, remember that the Lowe’s drive — as people have commonly called it — is not your only avenue back onto US–41.”

The Brickyard Road intersection is near major retailers like Lowe’s, T.J. Maxx, and Best Buy.

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