MARQUETTE — Song and dance are a great way to warm up any day, and with the chilly weather we’ve been having, Lake Superior Theater has just the thing you need.

Wednesday opens the Superior Cabaret. Its the final show for the Lake Supeior Theater, as they wrap up their summer season. But, you might be asking yourself, what exactly is a Cabaret?

“The dictionary definition of a cabaret is a restaurant that serves liquor and provides entertainment. Well, we’re not serving food or liquor, but we do have the entertainment portion of it,” said Martyn Martello, who will be the em cee for the show.

There will be group numbers and individual acts showcasing the company’s skills on the stage. Besides being a good end of the year celebration, Martello says the cabaret gives everyone an opportunity to be in the spotlight, even if they usually have smaller roles.

“We’re each doing numbers that we really want to do. [I’m] not saying you don’t want to do the numbers that you doing in the shows but you get to pick kind of a passion song, or something you really think the audience will enjoy,” added Martello, “It’s fun for the audience because get to see a lot of different people on stage and it’s fun for us because we each get our spotlight in a different way.”

The cabaret opens Wednesday at 7:30 P.M., with another showing at the same time Thurday.

Unfortunately, tickets are sold out, but you can call the theater to get placed on the reserve list. Dial (906)-227-7625 or follow this link.

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