Delinquent taxpayers asked to pay up or risk losing property

MARQUETTE COUNTY — People who haven’t paid their property taxes in the last year could soon see someone from the Marquette County Treasurer’s office appear at their front door.

The treasurer’s office is in the process of collecting delinquent taxes from people who have not paid their property taxes in the last one or two years. When property taxes aren’t paid after the second year, that’s when forfeiture of the property occurs.

Marquette County Treasurer Anne Giroux says that her office visits the homes of delinquent property taxpayers every year in the fall.

“The biggest thing that we’re doing now is gearing up to do property inspections. There’s still about 400 parcels outstanding on our list right now where we will physically go to that property, and knock on the door,” said Giroux. “If the person is home, we’ll explain the process to them and serve them with notice.”

“If you’re in a situation where you’re at this point in the process, contact our office,” Giroux added. Let us know if you don’t think for some reason you’re going to be able to pay those taxes on time. There are agencies out there that can help.”

Giroux added that about 4,000 parcels of land in the county are delinquent on their taxes every year. Of those 4,000 parcels, 700 of them hit forfeiture a year later. The county forecloses on 20 to 30 parcels every year.

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