Local health center offers free sports screenings

SAWYER — You may be in full on summer vacation mode, but fall high school sports are fast approaching.

That’s why the Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center offered free sports screenings Wednesday morning. The center is a Federally Qualified Health Center, who provides medical care to under-served communities.

“We saw this as a good opportunity to serve our community and do outreach that could help kids who wanted to participate in high school athletics, to be able to do that without an additional hurdle of the cost of a sports screening,” said Collin Jenkins, an Outreach and Enrollment Specialist with the health center.

Students with pre–existing conditions, like diabetes or asthma, are encouraged to see their own family physician. However, Jenkins says this is a good opportunity for youngsters to make sure everything is in working order.

“If there is a condition that a student is dealing with and may not realize it, hopefully, at a screening like this we can catch it at an early stage and treat it very effectively…and as minimally invasive as possible,” Jenkins added.

If you have any questions about the Upper Great Lakes Family Health center, follow this link.