MARQUETTE — July is craft beer month. Michigan has 229 breweries to choose from. With the craft beer industry growing by hops and bounds we investigated further and found out many Yoopers are even trying their hand at brewing their own beer.

If you are looking to try your hand and brew beer with the best of them, White’s party store is a good place to start. They carry complete at–home brewing kits with all the wheat’s and IPA’s needed so you can create your very own specialized recipe. Once you’ve picked up the basic kit, it’s time to get brewing.

“First you would need to get a dark malt extract or a lighter malt extract and that determines the color, the amount of residual sugars, and then the hopps. You can change that scheduling around and use different varieties to get pretty much whatever type of beer you want,” said Charles Keely, White’s Party Store Home Brewer

Once you get your brew properly mixed, from there, Charles says it’s pretty much a waiting game. Depending on the type of equipment used your perfect brew can take anywhere from two weeks to three months.

“You can be extremely creative or you can do a plain old beer. It’s just the fact that you can do whatever you want. It’s a really good feeling to share your beers with other people and they say ‘Oh, this is fantastic, how did you do it.’ The satisfaction of being able to drink something your very own I think is just great,” saoidd Keely.

Along with home brewing beer kits, White’s can also help those interested in making their own wines.