Move over Doc Brown – History comes alive locally

MARQUETTE — Here in Marquette you don’t need a Delorean to travel back in time, just a sunny afternoon with The Marquette Regional History Center. A crowd gathered in downtown Marquette to board the tour bus to learn more about the history of the city.

Museum Educator, Betsy Rutz says, “The goal of today is to give some locals and tourists a like a fantastic ride through Marquette. to take them back in time to Marquette’s beginnings and really show them what it was like before today.”

The tour stopped at different landmarks in the city where they would learn about the importance of the landmark and possibly run into a historical celebrity.

“My name is Teddy Roosevelt,” says the historical character, “I was the youngest president to ever serve this country after the assassination of William McKinley. I went on to win my own term in office, then I decided to step aside for a few years.”

Teddy is portrayed by retired history teacher, Robert Mercure who says all the characters on the tour either lived in Marquette or visited, like Teddy.

There will be more tours this summer, but seats are limited so guests are encouraged to act fast. Tickets are 20 dollars. To find out how to purchase tickets and more about the programs at the Marquette Regional History Center click here.