KEWEENAW — Many people left their car keys at home today and instead took part in the annual Keweenaw Bike To Work day.

It’s seventh year of the event put on by Bike Initiative Keweenaw or BIKE. The purpose of the event is to promote bicycling as an effective means of transportation that is inexpensive and better for the environment, as well as simply being fun and healthy. More and more people are choosing to ride their bikes to work on a regular basis, not just on this special day.

BIKE Volunteer Dan Dalquist said, “Riding to work isn’t always the most convenient for some folks. “You know when you’re dressed in a suit or something, it’s a little bit harder to commute but people are riding constantly, both recreation and transportation.”

Several rest stops were set up throughout the Copper Country to offer bicyclists free refreshments and bike repair.