Community members caught… having coffee with a cop

ISHPEMING — Several different law enforcement agencies were in Ishpeming this morning, trying to pull people aside, but not for breaking the law. That’s right, it’s Coffee with a Cop.

Local police officers had coffee with members of the community at McDonald’s. Several different police agencies said that most of the time, people see them only during emergencies, so it’s nice to connect with the community on a personal level.

Ispeming Chief of Police Dan Willey said, “It gives us an opportunity to meet members of the community, gives them an opportunity to ask us questions about, you know, what our departments are doing, what we’re doing about different problems in the community.”

The Marquette Disaster Team was also there to chat. Disaster Program Manager Ed Anderson said that their job is to assist officials and help people during emergency situations, and that this event helps people build relationships with local law enforcement.

Anderson added, “It’s a It’s a good thing to stop in and see some of the local police officers. They’re here to help. It’s sometimes nice just to put a face to a department.”

Members of the Michigan State Police hope to make themselves more approachable “one cup of coffee at a time.”