Post office re-dedicated to honor double gold star mother

MUNISING — An immense crowd gathered in Munising to witness the dedication and renaming of the Munising Post Office to a double gold star mother.

Elizabeth L. Kinnunen immigrated to the U.P. from Finland and was the mother of eleven children. Two of her sons Eino and Raymond died while fighting for the United States military, giving her the title of a double gold star mother. She was known as a kind and caring woman that gave all she had for her family, community and country.

“Everybody is excited, it’s nice to recognize somebody as wonderful as Mrs. Kinnunen in this kind of permanent way,” said Post Master of Marquette Brandon Nicholas.

“It’s important that we remember the sacrifices from not only our soldiers, but their families have gone through to maintain our freedom here in this country and the debt we owe them,” said Congressman Dan Benishek, “this will be a reminder to the people of Munising of those sacrifices every time they drop off a piece of mail.”

Congressman Dan Benishek authored the legislation and introduced the renaming of the Munising Post Office in December, 2012.

“We need to remember our veterans, and make sure they get the care that they need,” continued Benishek, “this is just another way of remembering those families that have sacrificed so much so that we have the country that we have.”

In addition to the renaming, an honorary plaque was presented and will be displayed inside the Elizabeth L. Kinnunen Post Office. At the ceremony, it was easy to see how glad the public was to give back to a woman who gave so much.

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