Stucko’s “On Tap” for DWTS Marquette County Style

MARQUETTE — This time next week some local Marquette celebrities will be hitting the stage to raise money for U.P. Home Health and Hospice.

We caught up with one of the couples dancing their way for charity. Michael and Sonia Stucko are one of eight couples dancing next week for Dancing with the Stars, Marquette County style. They were surprised to be asked as they are known more for their burgers and thirty two ounce shoop, rather than their fancy footwork.

“When they first approached us we were not interested and then they informed us that this was a fundraiser for U.P. Home and Hospice care and that is when I knew Sonia and I would be learning a dance,” said Michael Stucko.

“At first I was thinking there is no way we have time for this but as soon as they mentioned it was for hospice. Mike’s mother was put in Hospice about a month before we were asked to do Dancing with the Stars, so as soon as they said Hospice, we were like yes,” said Sonia Stucko.

Along with raising money for a good cause the Stucko’s say getting to know the other couples has been a real treat. Their challenge, well with no former dance experience, getting selected to do a tap and jazz combination routine, well they didn’t know what to expect.

“Tap is really drumming with your feet so it is very exciting. It is also cool to know that jazz and tap have no rules so the notion of doing it right or doing it wrong is really based upon interpretation,” continued Mike Stucko.

“Watching them go from fledglings to people who are ready to go and perform on the stage at a pretty high level, they are doing wonderfully and to watch those small victories and big victories as they go through this process is really wonderful,” said dance instructor, Jill Grandstrom.

Mike continues on to say “All we do is what she tells us to do, I don’t know what to do, so if she says do it this way and she claps and says yay, then I did it right. I feel like a well trained dog right now.

Tickets for the event sold out in record time. You can still donate to the cause by voting online. Each vote costs ten dollars with the funds going toward the U.P. Hospice Foundation. Visit