Undersheriff retires after forty years of service

MARQUETTE — The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office threw a party for the Undersheriff Jack Schneider. He’s retiring after almost forty years of service. The Sheriff’s Department, State Police, Marquette Police, Forsyth Township Police, friends, family, and former co-workers all filled the department in celebration of the wondrous career of Officer Jack Schneider.

“Jack was the best guy I could get for my Undersheriff, and that’s been proven over the past fifteen years,” said Sheriff Mike Lovelace. “He has done a stellar job. I couldn’t have asked for better. There are no words to express what an awesome Undersheriff he has been.”

“He was a police officer for all agencies, and I can’t say enough good things about Jack Schneider,” said MSP officer John Halpin. “We are going to miss him.”

Although the shoes are to fill, Sheriff Mike Lovelace has hired Michael Klein to be the new Undersheriff.

Lovelace along with the rest of the department are excited by Klein’s high qualifications, determination and outstanding work ethic. Klein was sworn in to his new position at 4 o’clock on Thursday. The new Undersheriff, Klein said although he is happy for the honor, today is not about him but about Schneider.

“I think Jack’s work for the past 39 years is unprecedented,” said Klein. “He’s brought his training and his skills to unify all the area departments in Marquette County. I have some very big shoes to fill.”

Schneider was the Sheriff’s right hand man and will be remembered for years for unifying departments. While most Undersheriff’s serve for a few years, Schneider served for fifteen. Schneider was awarded with words of appreciation, handshakes and an honorary plaque for his life-long dedication and service.

“I’m overwhelmed and very humbled by all of the people who showed up here today to recognize my years of service,” said Schneider.

It may not come as a surprise that Sheriff Lovelace noted that this was the largest turnout for a retirement party in the Sheriff’s Department.